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Sail Kinsale

Kinsale, a historic wonderful fishing town approx 16 miles west of Cork City, and the most southerly point of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, is the sort of town most people think of when Ireland is being discussed. Located in an area of stunning natural beauty and boasting a natural harbour, the town has a long and at times difficult history. Once a very significant port the town itself dates back to the 13th century and indeed prior to that as a recognised settlement. Today, its a visitors delight, and a living and recreation space for the Irish attracted to its Yacht Club and attractive sea view properties within easy reach of Cork City, an industrial hub of Irelands Pharmaceutical and IT Industries. For visitors coming to Ireland by Cruise Ship, and docking at Cobh/Cork Port,Kinsale is a very desirable destination for a private day tour from your ship while docked. If you dock at Cobh Pier, Kinsale is an approx one hour drive. The town boasts adorable narrow pedestrian streets and award winning restaurants. The town also boasts some very historic locations within its hinterland including:
  1. The Old Head of Kinsale Signal Station – devoted in particular to the sinking of the Lusitania, which occurred within sight of The Old Head on the 7th of May, 1915
  2. Charles Fort – a historic Bastion Fort completed in 1682, constructed to defend the Port of Kinsale which was then very significant from a military point of view.
  3. Ringfinan Garden of Remembrance – devoted to members of the New York Fire Brigade who dies because of the awful 9/11 attack in New York City. A very moving experience.
Having viewed the hinterland scenery, Kinsale Town itself is a lovely place to spend a few hours strolling or shopping. Well worth viewing includes:
  1. The Pier Road area, wherein Kinsale Yacht Club is situated. A beautiful harbour area of the town which also offers tours of the harbour by boat.
  2. St Multose Church – A religious site since the 6th Century, a church was built here in 1195, and the present structure dates from a reconstruction which occurred between 1835 and 1856.
  3. A wide choice of restaurants, bars and cafes which enable the visitor to experience the best of the towns food and drink.
Sail Kinsale

Kinsale is an excellent introduction to the magic and scenery that Ireland has to offer, in particular for visitors making short calls to Cobh/Cork Port as part of a multi country cruise.

Most cruise visitors have a time span of approx 7 hours ‘on shore’. A trip to Kinsale can also take in a visit to:

  1. Blarney Castle and Gardens – Perhaps the most photographed location in Ireland, Blarney Castle built nearly 600 years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftains, Cormac McCarthy. While here you can avail of the opportunity to ‘Kiss The Blarney Stone’ which will give you the ‘Gift of Eloquence’
  2. A visit to Cork City, a chance to shop in its fine stores and visit the infamous English Market which is located in the city centre.

My tours offer visitors on Cruise Tours to Cork a chance to experience the best of what Ireland has to offer. A wonderful day out to enjoy stunning scenery, history and good food, all in an action packed day exclusive to you and your group.

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