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Killarney National Park

Killarney – who hasn’t heard of this idyllic town situated in the South West of Ireland, arguably the most beautiful part of Ireland.
Killarney Town is a mecca and ‘must visit’ location in Ireland. The town itself, greater population of approx 20,000, has a wide range of facilities to offer all visitors, irrespective of their budget. Whether its 5-Star Luxurious Hotels or Budget Hostels, Killarney can accommodate your preference. From Fine Dining to Cafe’s, you will have plenty of choice. For night entertainment, Killarney accommodates all age groups and preferences. To summarise, Killarney has the infrastructure to accommodate everybody. 
But Killarney’s attractiveness does not stop at the facilities it offers. What really makes Killarney special is its location. Situated in a valley, surrounded by mountains and adjoining scenic lakes combines to make Killarney ‘Beauty’s Home’. The scenery in the area is simply stunning. And the primary source of that beauty is Killarney National Park.
Killarney National Park, 25,000 acres in size borders one third of Killarney Town. Now owned and maintained by the Irish State, Killarney National Park has within its boundaries mountain ranges, three lakes, each connected to one another, well maintained walking routes and pathways all maintained to provide recreation to locals and visitors alike. The ‘jewel in the crown’ of Killarney National Park is Muckross House (pictured below) and its adjoining gardens.
Muckross House Killarney National Park
Muckross House is a large mansion, those who followed the series ‘Downtown Abbey’ will recognise this period house and the lifestyle associated with it. Completed in 1843 it was the home of the Herbert Family and continued as a functioning aristocracy household until the late 1800’s. A large number of staff were required to maintain and operate this house. Today, Muckross House has been restored and is open to visitors for tours lasting approx. 1 hour. For those interested in period dramas and/or history this is a tour well worth taking.
Apart from Muckross House itself, there are numerous other options to experience when visiting Killarney National Park. A boat trip on the lakes is a wonderful experience, and a photographers dream. For those who enjoy the company of horses, you can either engage in pony trekking or take a guided horse and carriage tour with one of the ‘Jarveys’ operating in the park. For walkers and hikers the possibilities are unlimited. Well signposted and tarmac walking paths are provided throughout the park. Again, stunning scenery is to be found around almost every corner.
If your are planning to visit Ireland, do not miss out exploring the Killarney area. As part of that Killarney National Park should feature high on your list. Kingdom Guided Tours know this are intimately and will ensure you get the best experience from your visit to this area. Contact Annie for further information.